Super Serial | Serial Communication App

Super Serial is a serial terminal program. It is intended to be a terminal with more features to ease development and use with serial devices. It is currently only made for the Windows Platform.


Control Character Output

This feature makes control characters easy to see. This helps identify what you are sending and what the device is sending. The control characters can be shown in caret notation, as seen above, or as an abbreviation.

Regex Highlighting

This feature can make strings more easily identifiable by giving them a different font color. This feature aids in the development and use of serial devices. Open the highlight menu and set the expression you want it to match against.

Python Terminal

Super Serial has a built in python terminal. It is accessible from both the menu and hotkey Ctrl+`. In the near future there will be an API in Super Serial to write plug-ins.

Ability to disable hotkeys: This feature allows sending control characters with ease. Application hotkeys can be disabled resulting in the Ctrl+[char] sequence to be sent to the serial device.

Minimal Styling: Currently you can set your serial terminal font, font color, and background color. I will soon add more pieces that can be themed.

JSON Preference files: All files this program uses for settings are in JSON!

You have the option to show or hide the control characters newline \n and linefeed \r.

Preference Files

Here are some example preference files and a picture of what they look like.







How to Help

Like Super Serial? Consider donating. Here are the things that cost me money to put this program out.

  • Amazon Web Services Hosting per month is about $10.
  • Code Signing Certificate is $179 from GoDaddy per year. This will get rid of the windows warning upon installation.
  • Domain Name costs me $60 a year.
  • I want to get User Echo for the site, which costs $15 a month or $180 a year.
  • Email on Rackspace, cheapest I found, is $10 a month to get an account on a mailserver with my domain name.

All together my monthly cost is $10 + $15 + $5 + $15 + $10 = $55.

Also sending me bugs helps. Send a bug report to include the following information when submitting a bug report.

  • Short description
  • What the program is doing. As a screenshot if possible.
  • What the program should be doing.